Foosball Combo Tables: Description and Characteristics

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All of us would love to have all the games possible in the game room – air hockey, pool, foosball, table tennis. But the space in our houses or apartments for this things is usually limited and we end up buying only one game. Well, there’s an alternative – you can get a combination table, where the foosball will be just one of the options! They are largely available on the market and can have […]

Garlando Foosball Tables: Types and Its Characteristics

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Official foundation date of the Garlando brand is 1954. The creator of the company, Renato Garlando, started to production the foosball tables in small village Spinetta Marengo. Nowadays the successor in CEO position is Renato’s son, Giuseppe Garlando, who expanded the production in 90s, industrialized and standardized working procedures. The company produces both European and American style tables, for business or for personal use. Famous for their proper quality and fair prices, Garlando is one […]

How to Make a Foosball Table: Step-by-Step Instruction and Pictures

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There can be several reasons to build a foosball table by yourself. First of all, the price of a good sturdy wooden table can be a bit too high if you are not a hard-core fan and only wish to play with your kids once in a while. Secondly, the real table requires good amount of space – not only by itself, but also because there are up to 4 people that are supposed to […]

Foosball Tables by Halex: Description and Characteristics

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Halex is a well-known table games brand with more than 80 years of history. Nowadays the trademark is owned by umbrella company called Regent Sports. The main focus of Halex always has been table tennis and the other products (table, board or electronic games) come second. So the foosball tables of this trademark are not p to the highest professional standards, but overall would be fine for home or club use. The Halex foosball tables […]

Harvard Foosball Tables: Types and Its Characteristics

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Harvard brand is owned by the parent company Escalade Sports. It also makes the Atomic foosball tables together with many other sport or arcade games and gym equipment. There are only four models currently produced by Harvard brand. Generally, those tables are the low-tier for the beginners or recreational players. They will be a perfect gift for kids and can be easily found in department stores. It’s not meant for serious competition matches at the […]