Chess and Backgammon Game Table: Popular Items for Decorating and Pictures

Deluxe chess and backgammon table

Chess and backgammon are the oldest games known that need patience, diligence and logical habit of mind. If a person is engaged in these both games and enjoys to play at home, there are tables that combine two game boars: for chess and for backgammon.

How Do These Tables Look Like?

Chess and backgammon chess tables could be made of a huge range of materials: wood, wood imitation, glass, plastic and even cardboard.

Games table chess backgammon
Be careful! Do not choose glass chess coffee table or table with glass top in case you have small children and there is possibility that they can hit against its surface and get injured.

Such tables could have different sizes and shapes that are able to blend with any interior and match any size of a room. If a room is not spacious the best variant will be a small table with square folding top. Chess and backgammon pieces and boards storage in this case is beneath gaming surface. To play another came one just have to fold the top upside down. As a rule, such tables are made of wood or wood imitation and stands on one or four legs.

If one has enough space in a room it is possible to buy a long chess-backgammon table of rectangular shape. On one side there is painted chess board (for example, on the right), and backgammon board on the left side. Such tables usually provide drawers or secret bottoms for game pieces’ storage. Some of these tables are low and some are high, depending on the needs of different players.

Recommendation: when buying a table, do not make a mistake with its height. Make a start from the height of your “sitting” furniture like sofa, armchairs, chairs, couches or, if you want, to play sitting on a carpet.

Usually these tables are made of wood, wood imitation or plastic and stands on four legs since the table is fairly long.
There are low coffee chess-backgammon tables that occupy small spaces and have various designs that can match any interior. Sometimes these tables have a glass shelf or drawer for storage. The top of the table is folding.

Deluxe chess and backgammon table
Advice: if your room is small or you don’t like the idea to devote much space to games you play rather seldom it is better to find coffee chess-backgammon table that is able to be used on other purposes as well.

If you want to find a chess-backgammon table for outdoor usage, take notice of plastic or folding tables that are easily switched indoor/outdoor and couldn’t be spoiled with rain or sun. In case you are a real player and want to install a solid and durable table within your garden, pay attention on granite or marble tables.

Choosing a chess table for an outdoor game one should bear in mind some weather conditions (rain, snow, sun heat) of a given area that can affect a table. There are two best options for an outdoor chess playing: a marble chess table and a granite chess table.

Warning: white marble is not suitable for outdoor and it is too fragile, prefer tables made of gray or colored marble. There is no such a problem with a granite table.

A chess-backgammon table is a perfect option for a player who is engaged in both games or want to gather his or her family and friend to play.

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