How Does Chess Coffee Table Look Like: You Can See 8 Photos

Chess coffee tables sale

Chess has been an extremely popular game since very ancient times and this game admirably combines art, sport and science. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals. Owing to its noble royal origins, people always have tried to make the process of the game more elegant and subtle creating different design of chess sets, boards and tables.

Coffee Table and Chess Game: How to Combine?

Today, chess coffee tables are extremely popular by the following reasons:

Chess coffee tables sale
  • Chess coffee table helps to save space within a room: not all of us have spacious living rooms that can hold two different tables for a chess game and for everyday things like magazines, food and other stuff. Coffee table is used for its designated purpose, but it can be easily used for a game of chess.
  • Chess coffee table is possible for DIY and thus it can spare money: everything one need is any coffee table suitable for your chairs or sofa in terms of height and design, stencil and paint. Just draw plans for your future chess coffee table in advance to make it and convenient for playing a chess game.
  • Even if you don’t engage yourself in chess, a design of chess board on a coffee table in your living room is a very nice idea
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How Does Chess Coffee Table Look Like?

Chess coffee table is a stretch of imagination for a designer. Coffee table can have different tops of square, round, rectangular or oval shape with painted or engraved chess board on it. Chess coffee table can stand on one, two, three or four legs of different shape and design from flat and straight to fretted ones. A material for chess coffee table are wood, wood imitation, stone, glass, plastic, etc.

Recommendation: when buying or making chess coffee table, do not make a mistake with its height. Make a start from the height of your “sitting” furniture like sofa, armchairs, chairs, couches or, if you want, to play sitting on a carpet.

Sometimes one can find chess tables with glass tops which are very stylish and can easily blend with any interior.

Be careful! Do not choose glass chess coffee table or table with glass top in case you have small children and there is possibility that they can hit against its surface and get injured.

Some coffee tables for chess have built drawers or secret bottom that are very useful for storing chess set or other necessary items. There are chess coffee tables that can be easily transform for playing backgammon.

Chess coffee table uk
Advice: pallet furniture have gained worldwide popularity today owing to its simplicity and low prices. Pallet chess coffee table could be a good idea for your living room or patio.

Some chess coffee tables have removable or foldable legs, so one can easily switch the table indoor/outdoor.

Warning: if you choose a chess coffee table for outdoor usage, pay attention on the quality of its paint (whether it is suitable for outdoor). Paint should be sunfast! If you live in areas with harsh climate (heavy rains, frost, a lot of snow) it would be a good idea to protect your outdoor chess table with cover canvas during cold and wet months or just bring your table indoor.

It is very difficult to distinguish the exact price for chess coffee table since it could be made of absolutely different materials and contain various accessory. It is evident, that wooden or glass chess coffee table will be much more expensive than plastic one or one made from pallet.

Chess coffee table is a perfect choice for those, who want to spare money and free space in their rooms without giving up the idea of playing chess at home.

8 Photos of the How Does Chess Coffee Table Look Like: You Can See 8 Photos

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