DIY Chess Table: Necessary Items and Step-by-Step Instruction on Chess Table

Make chess table

Do-it-Yourself chess table is a perfect idea for those people, who want to spare money and free space in the house without giving up an idea to play chess at home on their own chess table. And what items do you need to make a cheap chess table at home?

Necessary Items

To make a custom chess table you will need the following items:
1) Old wooden square table (you can buy it cheap from a garage sale, for example)

A roll of masking tape

How to make chess table

3) Wood stain (any color) or varnish (glossy or mat)

Brush for wood stain and brush for polyurethane

5) Polyurethane

6) Paper to lay on the top of board for protecting it against paint

How to make chess table

7) Set of any chess pieces

Step-by-Step Instruction on Chess Table

Step 1: sand the table to remove all of the old varnish and wood stain chemicals. You can use sandpaper of coarse fraction for dressing and small fraction sandpaper for polishing. Otherwise you can use angle grinder with corresponding abrasive wheels;

Be careful! While working with angle grinder, protect your eyes with special goggles.

Step 2: coat the bare table with 2 layers of wood stain. Make it dry for 24 hours (12 hours between two layers).

Warning: to protect yourself from dangerous chemical vapors, work in respirator and protective gloves.

Step 3: when the stain is dry, put the masking tape on the top of the table in order to make a chess board. Be careful and use long ruler to make strips straight.

Recommendation: space out the lines so the chess squares would be exactly 1.5″ inches. Use a knife to cut away the excess masking tape. Make sure that you have left enough free space for a comfort game: you and your opponent should easily put elbows on the table.

Step 4: protect the rest of the table and cover it with any paper you have. Fix the paper with masking tape. Leave the squares exposed for custom paint.

Step 5: use black paint spay to color the squares for a chess board.

Step 6: let the black paint dry and then carefully remove protective paper and masking tape from the table.

Step 7: add 4 coats of a heavy duty polyurethane to help keep the chess board protected. Follow the instruction and let polyurethane dry for no less, than 24 hours.

Advice: if you are going to use the chess table outdoor, cover it with 2 layers of special varnish that will protect the table against harsh weather conditions and decay. As an option, you can choose a varnish for yachts.

Step 8:
the last thing to do is to add chess pieces.

Such do-it-yourself chess table will cost you approximately $15-20 and 1-2 days of work.

DIY chess table is a good opportunity to build a unique piece of furniture that can awake your creativity. Here you can choose the necessary height of a table depending on the height of your sofa or chairs. There is no need to cover the table with dull wood stain or varnish – make up your mind to use bright colors or unusual patterns. You can also use decoupage (the art or process of decorating a surface with shapes or illustrations cut from paper, card, etc.), use crackle varnish to make an effect of old chapped wood or any other technique you like. DIY chess table is a perfect idea for chess-players, who want to have a unique chess table without spending too much money on it.

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