How Does a Marble Chess Table Look Like: Gorgeous Design Ideas and Tips for Choosing

Marble chess coffee table

Chess has been an extremely popular game since very ancient times and this game admirably combines art, sport and science. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals. Owing to its noble royal origins, people always have tried to make the process of the game more elegant and subtle creating different design of chess sets, boards and tables. One of the most prominent example of its smartness is a marble chess table.

What is Marble?

Marble is not just an uncommon stone, it is also a very stylish material, that is able to take up any form and shape. Fanciful patterns, or even tint of its surface has been designed by nature for thousands of years. Each plate has its own unique and inimitable image that can be in use for many years. Marble can be easily dressed and polished allowing to implement various design projects.

Chess board marble table

As for ornamental qualities, possible dressing methods and areas of use, marble is divided into white, gray and colored types.

Advice: When choosing a marble chess table, understand, where do you prefer to play (indoor or outdoor). If you have a nice garden or cozy patio, you can choose an outdoor permanent variant made of gray or colored marble. Gray and colored marble chess tables are the most solid and durable ones less exposed to the external environment that will allow you to play chess outdoor most of the year. If you are an indoor-player only, you can choose a table made of white marble. White marble is too fragile for outdoor use: it can be covered with stains and yellow from environmental effect.
Be careful! Marble, unlike granite, considered to be a very delicate stone for careful usage. It is not advisable to use as a surface that will be exposed to intense impact.

How Does a Marble Chess Table Look Like?

Marble chess table is usually made on one leg in form of pedestal or column with a stand on the ground surface that widens towards the top and the bottom that makes chess table fairly stable since its weight can be very considerable. There are tables, that have four or two marble legs, but the variant with one leg is more popular.

Recommendation: if you are choosing a table for outdoor play you can decide in favor of permanent fixed chess table with its legs slightly mounted below the ground surface with cement.

The top of marble chess table is made of well-polished marble plate with engraved or painted chess board. The top of the table can be round, rectangular or square in shape. Usually it is possible to use marble chess table as coffee table in your garden or in your living room.

Chess board marble table
Warning: if you live in areas with harsh climate (heavy rains, frost, a lot of snow) it would be a good idea to protect your outdoor marble chess table with cover canvas during cold and wet months.

Price and Outfit

As a rule, outdoor marble chess tables come fitted with marble benches or stools that are also mounted near the table at comfortable distance. Sometimes you can find tables witted with marble chess sets.
Marble chess tables are quite expensive since the material is very valuable and it needs defined dressing and polishing. The average price for marble chess table is between $2,000 – 5,000. Nevertheless, marble chess table will be a very significant purchase and this design feature is able to add elegancy and glamour to your house or garden.

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