How to Choose Outdoor Chess Table: Tips and Advices

Outdoor chess table

Chess has been an extremely popular game since very ancient times and this game admirably combines art, sport and science. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals. Owing to its noble royal origins, people always have tried to make the process of the game more elegant and subtle creating different design of chess pieces, boards and tables.

Chess Tables: Types and Purposes

There are different types of chess tables depending on the needs of a chess players and his or her preferences in the way of house interior. If there is a living room in classical style the best option will be an elegant small or marble chess table.

Outdoor game tables chess

If a living room is not spacious or chess is played quite seldom – a chess coffee table will be a good idea. Do-it-yourself chess table is a variant for those players, who wish to spare free space and save money on a table – the construction of such chess playing station for less than $15 and with individual design. But what chess table to choose if you are going to play outdoors, for example, in a garden? Further we will consider different types of outdoor chess tables that will suit any purpose.

Outdoor Tables: How to Choose?

Choosing a chess table for an outdoor game one should bear in mind some weather conditions (rain, snow, sun heat) of a given area that can affect a table. There are two best options for an outdoor chess playing: a marble chess table and a granite chess table.

Marble Chess Table

Gray and colored marble chess tables are quite solid and durable ones less exposed to the external environment that will allow you to play chess outdoor most of the year.

Outdoor game tables chess

Be careful!
When choose a table for outdoor made of marble, do not select a table of white marble. Marble (especially white), unlike granite, considered to be a very delicate stone for careful usage. It is not advisable to use as a surface that will be exposed to intense impact. White marble is too fragile for outdoor use: it can be covered with stains and yellow from environmental effect.
Recommendation: With time even marble outdoor table becomes fragile and begins to crumble. If you live in areas with harsh climate (heavy rains, frost, a lot of snow) it would be a good idea to protect your outdoor marble chess table with cover canvas during cold and wet months.

In case you prefer a table for outdoor play you can decide in favor of permanent fixed chess table with its legs slightly mounted below the ground surface with cement. Marble chess table is usually accompanied with the set of marble benches that will perfectly match the entire composition. It also has engraved chess board.

Stone Chess Table – The Best Option Ever

Another option for outdoor chess table – a table made of stone, and granite table is the best one to choose. Granite is very durable and solid: granite table is not exposed even to harsh weather conditions: it can sustain heavy rains and snowfall, and burning sunbeams can’t do harm to such a table. Granite is extremely long-lived stone that can be perfectly used for outdoor purposes. At the same time, granite can be easily dressed and polished allowing to implement various design projects.

Advice: selecting a place for your table, find a flat surface where the water doesn’t collect all the year round. The ground should be solid. Do not choose a place, where soil contains much of clay.

since stone table is very heavy, fix its leg with cement concrete.

Marble and granite chess table will be a very significant purchase and this design feature is able to add elegancy and glamour to your garden.

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