How Does a Round Chess Table Looks Like: You Can See 8 Photos

Knights of the round tables chess set

Chess has been an extremely popular game since very ancient times and this game admirably combines art, sport and science. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals. Owing to its noble royal origins, people always have tried to make the process of the game more elegant and subtle creating different design of chess pieces, boards and tables.

Round Chess Tables: Types and Purposes

There are different types of round chess tables depending on the needs of a chess players and his or her preferences in the way of house interior. If there is a living room in classical style the best option will be an elegant small or marble chess table with a round top. If a living room is not spacious or chess is played quite seldom – a round chess coffee table will be a good idea. Do-it-yourself chess table is a variant for those players, who wish to spare free space and save money on a table – the construction of such chess playing station for less than $15 and with individual design.

Round table chess game

Round Chess Table Materials

Round chess table is made of a huge range of materials: granite and gray marble for outdoor usage, wood and wood imitation for an indoor game. They are classical variants, but today one can find chess tables made of glass, plastic, metal and even from cardboard.

How Does a Round Chess Table Looks Like?

Round chess table has a round top that could be of a different size.

Advice: when you buy a chess table with a round top pay attention to its size (radius). It should be convenient to lay your and your opponent’s elbows on it. Also, there should be a place for chess watch, glasses and other things, if necessary.

Usually, round table have one leg in form of a column that stands on three supports. There are variants with four or three legs also. A leg of a table can be straight or carved with different beautiful patterns. Sometimes round chess tables have a drawer or a secret bottom for chess pieces storage. Today, folding round tables are very popular: such a table is very convenient to switch between outdoor and indoor. Round chess table depending on material can be set of different surfaces, from concrete to soft ones.

Knights of the round tables chess set
Recommendation: when buying a round chess table, do not make a mistake with its height. Make a start from the height of your “sitting” furniture like sofa, armchairs, chairs, couches or, if you want, to play sitting on a carpet. It doesn’t mean, if a table goes with chairs or benches (like marble one).

Today, glass round chess tables are very popular, because they are able to match any interior.

Be careful! Do not choose glass chess coffee table or table with glass top in case you have small children and there is possibility that they can hit against its surface and get injured.

Marble or granite round chess tables have engraved chess board, wooden tables have their board made of painted wood or different woods that are of different color.

Warning: if you choose a round chess table for outdoor usage, pay attention on the quality of its paint (whether it is suitable for outdoor). Paint should be sunfast! If you live in areas with harsh climate (heavy rains, frost, a lot of snow) it would be a good idea to protect your outdoor chess table with cover canvas during cold and wet months or just bring your table indoor.

Round chess table is a nice option for every interior. Made of different materials, it can blend with a living room from classical to high-tech style.

8 Photos of the How Does a Round Chess Table Looks Like: You Can See 8 Photos

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