How Does Small Chess Table Look Like: Tips for Choosing and Pictures

Small round chess table

Chess has been an extremely popular game since very ancient times and this game admirably combines art, sport and science. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals. Owing to its noble royal origins, people always have tried to make the process of the game more elegant and subtle creating different design of chess sets, boards and tables. One of the most prominent example of its smartness is a small chess table, especially those of an antique origin, that have nice classical style for a noble game.

What are Small Chess Tables and Why Are They So Popular?

Small chess table that are usually have a round top represents a nice example of chess players’ refinement and smart style. Elegant small chess table can perfectly blend with a room of classical style and match its attributes like fireplace, leather armchairs, huge carpets and pictures. Small chess tables are interesting because their size and the ability to occupy limited space without being a central point of a room.

Small chess board table

How Does Small Chess Table Look Like?

Small chess table, due to its classical elegant style, almost usually have a round top with painted or engraved chess board. Such shape (the absence of acute angles) makes the table compact and neat.

Small chess table is usually stands on one leg in form of pedestal or column with a stand on the ground surface that widens towards the top and the bottom that makes chess table fairly stable since its weight can be very considerable while it is made of fine woods. Sometimes one can find a table with a leg on three stands for better steadiness. There are tables, that have four, three or two legs, but the variant with one leg is more classical. The leg of the table is usually carved with beautiful patterns.

The top of the table is massive and is made of a large piece of fine wood, such as oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, rosewood or teak. As a rule, the round top is fitted with a drawer to store a set of chess pieces that makes a game even more comfortable.

Small chess table

The surface of small chess tables is generally covered with glossy varnish that makes the appearance of a table more luxurious and chic.

Small chess table can be accompanied with beautiful fretted set of chess pieces that will correspond with the style of the entire table.

Where One Can Find Small Chess Table?

If you have made up your mind to acquire exactly the small chess table and you have a living room in classical style, you can choose between new item, but the most interesting variant is antique small chess table that you can find in antique shop. In antique shop you can also find a nice set of chess pieces that will match the table in style and color.

Small chess table is a perfect idea for those players, who value smart classical style and unique furniture. Antique small chess table could be a real piece of art that can occupy a noteworthy place of your living room.

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