Wooden Chess Table: Types and Its Benefits

Large wooden chess set table

Chess table is a piece of furniture that combines table and chessboard. Sixty-four chess cells of two colors are applied to the surface of the table. Usually chess table has a storage compartment for chessmen: small drawers or a tabletop double bottom. Many chess tables made in a form double book. Chess table is a sign of good taste and one of the best gifts for chess player. This article aimed to cover wooden chess table, its types and different plans of use in home interior.

Types of Wooden Chess Table

First, the type of chess table depends on materials it made of. The most popular are: solid ash, walnut veneer, maple or oak tree. Usually drawers use velvet and leather as an additional material to decorate particular pieces of table. It makes the table original and unique. Additionally, what is good in wooden chess table is that you can make it in different forms: with stock keeping boxes, in a portable form, with wheels, etc. Usually, the price depends on the size and material of table.

Wooden chess table plans

Chess Table in Home Interior

Chess table for classic interior can be a one with the curved legs and a wave made side-bar of the table. The wide mahogany box with flying birds associated light floral pattern. Thin, elegant work will decorate the interior and serve as a good strategy game. On this table looks great classic round of chess. Usually, such tables are large and antique in style with a big set of chess figures.

In case you are going to put the table in your office or cabinet it is better to choose special type of transformers (chess, checkers, backgammon). Table size can vary from 900 x 600 x 750 mm and cage size 50 x 50 mm.
If you wish to make an original gift, you can order a field in the sidebar board or gift inscription with initials, quotes, etc. Usually drawers make it free when you are ordering a table.

Make a preference to order an individual chess table to buying it in markets. First, it will save your money, second, it makes more guarantee to get unique table that will suits all your requirements. Mostly, such tables made in 5-14 days depending on the difficulty of the order.

Rules for the Maintenance of Wooden Furniture

Well, it is time has come to talk about the characteristics and nuances of care for the wooden furniture made of solid wood. As any other expensive natural materials used for furniture making, wood needs special care. Natural wood is extremely sensitive to moisture. It is possible to wipe the furniture only with a dry duster. Wet one strictly prohibited. However, an hour later the same layer of dust appears on the furniture. Why is this happening? To explain this unpleasant situation can be resorted with the help of physics: polished plane acquires a static charge, under the influence of friction on its rag, and as a result of electrification there appears a new layer of dust. Here you can get help from modern innovations for cleaning furniture, they contain special compounds that prevent the subjects from electrify – sort of semblance of antistatic agents, whose sphere of activity – wooden furniture. In other ways, wiping lacquered furniture should be implemented with a soft duster or flannel cloth.

Wooden chess table


Chess table is a perfect gift to someone who fascinated the ancient game and the best choice for those who appreciate individuality and unique style. This article covered different aspects of choosing wooden chess table and the ways of proper care of it.

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