Foosball Tables by Halex: Description and Characteristics

Halex 48 soccer foosball table

Halex is a well-known table games brand with more than 80 years of history. Nowadays the trademark is owned by umbrella company called Regent Sports. The main focus of Halex always has been table tennis and the other products (table, board or electronic games) come second. So the foosball tables of this trademark are not p to the highest professional standards, but overall would be fine for home or club use. The Halex foosball tables normally score the average of 2-3 stars on the foosball fans websites reviews.

Here are the most popular Halex table models that can be easily found on Amazon:

Halex brand foosball table
  • pillar Wood Foosball Table;
  • defender 58-inch Foosball Table;
  • monterey Foosball Table;
  • galaxy 54-inch Foosball Table;
  • piano Black Foosball Table.
Advice! Pictures placed on Amazon and the other on-line shops often give you a wrong idea of the looks of the item. Better to check out the table in the store before purchasing it on-line.

Pillar Wood Foosball table will be suitable for someone who prefers their things strong and sturdy, but doesn’t have unlimited space for the storage.

Code number: Halex 50570


Foosball table by halex
  • rods 16mm thick;
  • 4 foosballs included;
  • black hand grips;
  • good for the rough play.

Monterey Foosball Table is an attractive element in any foosball player house. Oak cabinet with a walnut colored finish gives this table a tough classy look that will be a good match for any furniture in the room.
Code number: Halex 50156


  • 5/8in nickel plated stainless steel rods;
  • wooden handles;
  • side slid ball return;
  • robot feature weighted players.

Galaxy 54-inch Table is positioned on the high end of Halex models with the price around $250 US. Sturdy as the other Halex tables it will be a perfect buy for you game room to play with friends and family.


  • grass looking foosball field with field marks;
  • 5/8in silver solid steel rods;
  • black Hand grip;
  • built in electronic soccer scoring;
  • 36mm textured foosball.

Defender 58-inch Foosball Table is a beautifully designed black table with silver trim that is ideal for your man cave. Good buy for the combination of good quality, cool looks and fine price.
Code number: Halex 50512


  • manual scores beads;
  • black hand grips;
  • sleek playing surface with soccer field marks;
  • sturdy round legs with the leg levelers and a support bar.
Interesting! It is quite easy to build a mini foosball table following simple instructions that can be found online. Check it out if you’re looking for a cheap recreational way of playing foosball.

Piano Black Foosball Table is a touch of luxury in your game room. With its glossy polished black surface, it does resemble the piano and will be perfect to pair up with one. But there’re downsides – the rods of this table are heavy, and the robot style foosball men do not allow complex shots. The price is quite high – $450 US at average, mainly for the looks.

Code number: Halex 50151


  • glossy black handles;
  • side ball return;
  • textures foosball balls.

While not being the best foosball table brand on the market, Halex is certainly a decent one, and if you are looking for the proper quality gaming table for your personal use it will be almost perfect.

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Halex 27 table top foosballHalex brand foosball tableHalex black foosball tableHalex defender foosball tableHalex competition foosball tableHalex cup final foosball tableFoosball table by halexHalex 48 soccer foosball tableHalex camden foosball tableHalex 48 foosball table

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