Foosball Combo Tables: Description and Characteristics

3 in 1 air hockey foosball table

All of us would love to have all the games possible in the game room – air hockey, pool, foosball, table tennis. But the space in our houses or apartments for this things is usually limited and we end up buying only one game. Well, there’s an alternative – you can get a combination table, where the foosball will be just one of the options! They are largely available on the market and can have a good quality-price ratio.

First of all, if you’re a real fan of foosball or interested in professional foosball competition – combo tables are not for you. Those tables are made mainly for kids, to offer wide variety of games, but none of the ones included will be top quality. So, if you’re really interested in foosball – better get a good sturdy table to fully enjoy the gaming experience. But if you just want to have fun – the combination tables are your perfect option.

3 in 1 game table foosbal pool and air hockey

Different games in those tables are usually either changed by switching the tops or with a rotating system that has two games on different sides of the top. Normally, the field for the foosball is full-sized, but if its combined with the ping-pong surface, for example, then the latest might have be miniature.

One of the most popular combinations is the air hockey plus foosball. The general advice in this case is: If you want to go for the air hockey combined with foosball table, make sure the air hockey is the primary field – than you will have the proper surface with the holes, that create an air pillow for the proper puck slide. If the air hockey will be installed above the other game field, there will be no float for the puck.

One of the options for the two games combined is the Kamal Ohava Table Top Game Bundle that is sold on Amazon for $250. It includes three games: air hockey, foosball and pool. The features are:

2 in 1 air hockey foosball table
  • 1 Power Play 40″ Table Top Air Hockey, 1 Sidekick 38″ Table Top Soccer Foosball, and 1 Striker 40″ Table Top Billiard Pool Table;
  • blower system for proper air hockey experience and floating puck;
  • foosball part has steel rods, dual end auto ball return and is small enough for proper storage.

The other interesting table that is on the market for $200 is The Volt 9 in 1 Table Game. Its promising air hockey, table tennis, bowling, shuffleboard, foosball, ring toss, baseball and horseshoes. This table is a very good present for young children because the size of it is quite small. Though the ones who bought it mention that adults can be using it as well it’s not really created for their comfort. Features:

  • 32.75in high x 24in wide x 43in long;
  • 70 pounds of weight;
  • materials are metal, plastic and wood.
Important! The assembly of such a table can be rather hard task, be mentally prepared for hours of preparation before playing

As a conclusion I must say that there’re plenty of possibilities for the combo tables on the market and it’s one of the best buys for the family entertainment. Think about it if you have no clue what to get you kids for Christmas.

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3 in 1 air hockey foosball and stick hockey table3 in 1 pool table air hockey and foosball2 in 1 combination table foosball and air hockey3 in 1 rotating table game billiards air hockey foosball3 in 1 game table foosball air hockey pool3 in 1 air hockey foosball table3 1 game table foosball pool air hockey2 in 1 foosball and air hockey table2 in 1 air hockey foosball table3 in 1 game table foosbal pool and air hockey

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