Electronic Foosball Table: Recommendations for Choosing and Pictures

Halex electronic foosball table

Everybody likes to have some fun and to play some exciting board and table games. Table soccer is a great fun, lots of people enjoy playing it during parties or just spending pleasant time with family and friends. On the market you can find an awful lot of various foosball tables, which differ in price, design and features. There are waterproof tables which are perfect for playing outside, chic ones for special occasions, really small ones, easy to move around. And there are also foosball tables with electronic scoreboard. Such model can be universal for the whole family, but we advice it for those who have teenage kids. Modern kids are used to computer games, so they do not often appreciate classical board games. The combination of modern and classical should interest them. If you want your kid to be a pert of family fun, choose an electronic foosball table. It reminds kids video games, and they become more active and sociable.

Let’s have a look at some models of foosball tables which possess electronic scorekeeper.

Electronic scoring foosball table

Medal Sports Table

This foosball table is perfect for the whole family. You can also choose it for a kids center, activity room, a “man cave” and other special places. This model has steel player rods, authentic players and an electronic scorer. Though, the lovers of classic game won’t be disappointed. This table also has a manual scorer. To make the game faster there are two balls. This table is weather friendly, so can be also used outside. For the electronic scorer you need AA batteries, which you need to buy separately.

Chinese Electronic Foosball Tables

Electronic foosball table costco

The lovers of online shopping should know that foosball tables with electronic scoring can be easily found in Chinese online shops. China is a great producer of nearly everything. Of course, the table you buy on such websites is not a brand product, but it is cheap and the quality is fine. For example, the company Energy Star produces various game tables such as Pool Table, Billiard Table, Soccer Table, Air Hockey Table, etc. Their goods are popular worldwide. And you don’t need to worry about quality.

If you want to spend time happily and enjoy exciting game, you are welcome to the world of table foosball. Explore the market to buy a foosball table you need. We hope that buying an electronic foosball table is a great decision that will help everybody to enjoy themselves.

10 Photos of the Electronic Foosball Table: Recommendations for Choosing and Pictures

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