Harvard Foosball Tables: Types and Its Characteristics

Ebay harvard foosball table

Harvard brand is owned by the parent company Escalade Sports. It also makes the Atomic foosball tables together with many other sport or arcade games and gym equipment.

There are only four models currently produced by Harvard brand. Generally, those tables are the low-tier for the beginners or recreational players. They will be a perfect gift for kids and can be easily found in department stores. It’s not meant for serious competition matches at the professional tournament. Though, it has to be said, that these tables are cheaper than most of the foosball tables on the market for obvious reasons. Harvard brand also produces several kinds of combination tables. So if you’re buying the table for kids it might make sense to get a 4 in 1 one with foosball, pool, air hockey and table tennis.

Ebay harvard foosball table

Harvard brand makes these foosball tables:

  • Rematch;
  • Goal Getter;
  • Black Deca;
  • Midfielder.

The Rematch is good for kids who are playing for the first time. If used correctly it will last a long time in your home, but it’s not meant for the rough adult playing style.


Assemble harvard foosball table
  • laminated wood cabinet and field surface;
  • hollow steel rods with plastic handles;
  • robotic style foosball men;
  • ball return.

The Goal Getter is a sturdier wooden table, ready for some rough housing by kids. It also has nice looks that make it a good feature in the game room setup.


  • robotic style foosball men;
  • laminated aprons for stability and 82 lbs. of weight for safety of small children;
  • green PVC Laminated foosball field;
  • hollow steel rods.

The Black Deca table is on the lower end of the Harvard range, but surprisingly it has home quality features not present in other models. Costing around $280 this table is a good buy.


  • counterbalanced foosball me;
  • adjustable fiberboard legs;
  • 106 lbs. of weight make it suitable for the rough play;
  • full black paneling;
  • octagonal rod handles.
Attention: Make sure the heavy foosball table is properly set and doesn’t pose a danger for younger children

The Midfielder table is the highest quality table produced by Harvard. Made of heavy laminated wood it is sturdy and good looking. A perfect purchase for its $500 price.


  • solid steel playing rods;
  • solid wood rod handles;
  • slick foosball bearings;
  • chrome cup holders.

The company has been over 80 years on the market and it can offer some vintage style elements for the foosball tables. For example, you can find spare parts for assembling you own antique table, such as the foosball men set from 70s in the online stores or on eBay.

Harvard is definitely not the brand for you if you’re a hard core foosball fan or a competition player. But if you are just looking for a game table of a proper quality at affordable price – there are plenty of possibilities with this trademark.

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