Foosball Soccer Table: Description, Characteristics and Average Price

20 mini tabletop foosball soccer table game

Foosball table is a beautiful and cool item to have in your man cave or in the kids’ game room. But the choice of the mini soccer table can be rather hard to make. Let us tell you a little bit about what can be found on the market, to make your choice easier.

The first thing that will determine what kind of table you should buy is your involvement with foosball itself. For the hardcore foosball fans or competition players there many high end, premier quality items. They can be just beautifully made and have a high price for the materials or craftsmanship, or they will have special features, like the best grip handles or table levelers and scoring system.

Brunswick soccer foosball table

If you’re just in search of something fun to do with your friends or kids and do not aim for the professional foosball, you don’t need the most expensive table there is. Even simple models can be very enduring and bring you as much fun as you may wish for.

There are several features that matter:

  • amount of goalies;
  • leveling system;
  • balanced or unbalanced foosball men;
  • material.

There are two kinds of tables out there according to the amounts of goalies. There’s 1-man goalie system, that is the most popular, and 3-men one, that is wide spread in US. In the 3-men system you have two defenders on each side of the goalkeeper.

20 mini tabletop foosball soccer table game

One of the most important things for the foosball table is to be able to even it up, because a slight unevenness will create a big advantage for one of the players and throw off the entire game. The options for the leveling systems are: the telescopic legs, legs with threaded screw section or simple legs and pieces of carton to put under. Whichever you choose, don’t sacrifice sturdiness of the table – it has to be stable enough.

The foosball men type can change the whole game style. The simplest unbalanced foosball men are coming back to the vertical position, once the rod is released. The problem appears when you’d like to shoot a long shot and your own players are blocking its way. That’s when you’ll need the balanced counterweighted foosball men, that stay in the position you put them into. Some might think this is important only for the professionals, but it just gives you better gaming experience overall.

The material is another thing to make up your mind about. Plastic tables will be the cheapest, but they lack stability and sturdiness. The classic wooden table can be as beautiful as expensive furniture and can blend in with any design. Laminated wooden tables will be a bit cheaper than the whole-wood ones and can come in black, in white and any color you might like. Metal tables are heavy and sturdy, they also can be placed outdoors, so if you’re looking for the all-weather table – this might be your choice.

Attention! If you have younger children at home, make sure the table is heavy and stable enough for them not to drop it on themselves.

The price range for the full size foosball table is very diverse and everyone can find the one for his budget. The prices start from as little as $100 for the simple plastic table and can reach over $2000 for the whole-wood professional one. Now all you need to do is to find your own, good luck.

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